Welcome to the Most Reliable Compact Tractor Supplier in the UK

For over 17 years, Foton Tractors has been at the forefront in supplying compact tractors from one of the most reputable brands in the world. As a UK based supplier, we pride ourselves on being able to match customer expectations with the right tractor and attachments to suit any type of task.

Who We Are

We are a family owned business based in Kent, UK, and we strive to offer an overall customer experience from the point of contact to delivery of your Foton tractor and implements.

For over a decade we have been in operation, our philosophy has been 100% customer satisfaction. This is the perspective that has helped us from our inception.

The Foton / Lovol Brand

Today we are able to deliver the rebranded Lovol tractor range. With our exclusive partnership with Foton Lovol Heavy Industries, one of the fastest growing Chinese manufacturers, according to the 2014 World Lab’s scorecard for the Top-500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands in Beijing.

Lovol is a Chinese utility machinery manufacturer who experienced 23% growth from 2013 through to 2015. As the importers of Foton / Lovol tractors, we are able to leverage the experience offered by this valuable partnership to provide excellent services at every point of contact.

For the last decade, compact tractors have gained tract in the UK as dependable workhorses in myriad areas. From snow ploughing, landscaping to cultivation, among other uses, these tractors are invaluable both for small and large projects.

Nevertheless, buying a compact tractor in the UK is not the easiest of jobs. With numerous manufacturers in the market, it becomes even harder, especially when you are making your first tractor purchase.

Vast Range of Utility Tractors

At Foton Tractors, our desire is to provide buyers with the best compact utility tractors backed by a vast range of attachments to suit any project a customer has in mind. Our range of products imported from Foton Lovol speaks for itself and includes:

Our Unique Strengths

Unlike other imports into the UK, our products are of the highest quality guaranteeing you efficiency in your projects. Every attachment and compact tractor for sale has undergone stringent ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification and European Type Approval (EU) certification. This means our products can be used both within the UK and other EEC member states.

Versatile Products

Another benefit that we offer our customers is versatility in the tractors and implements we stock. The three ranges of tractors – 25 Series, 40 Series and 50 Series – are suitable for many different projects.

These tractors vary in terms of power, transmission and specification thus assuring our customers a lot of diversity. On our list of customers we have small farm holders, equestrian yard owners, landscapers, educational institutions with large fields to maintain, sports clubs and parks, among many others.

But that’s not all. We also optimise the apparent benefits of a compact tractor including:

  • • High efficiency due to compact nature, meaning, turning is easier within constricted spaces and variable speeds make it suitable for any task.
  • • Easy customisation using options and attachments available to suit any emerging tasks in a particular project.
  • • Cheap maintenance: Foton tractors are ergonomically designed, meaning, they come with easy maintenance in mind. Simple access to engine components makes it easy to diagnose and repair any problem.
  • • Adaptability: Whether a tractor owner wants to plough, sweep or carry out any other task, Foton tractors are perfect for the job.

These are just a few of the reasons that have seen Foton Lovol Heavy Industries emerge as the 64th most valuable company in China with a mind-boggling turnover of $2.5 billion. Such an impressive feat can only be achieved by manufacturing and selling world-class machinery.

These are the products we in turn proudly import and supply within the UK and to other EEC members.

Enhanced Customer Experience

To enhance customer experience in the UK Foton Tractors has created different points of contact to suit any type of customer. We have sales agents who can be reached through phone, email, live chat and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, among others.

Our team of technicians are available round-the-clock in case a customer has a pressing issue they want addressed. On our website you can learn more about each product in our inventory while interacting with our technicians and other customers.

Moreover, we go the extra mile to provide invaluable information through our blog to help customers make informed choices. We present professional reviews of Foton tractors and attachments, descriptions of each and the specifications that make them differ from each other.

Technical Expertise

Our unique online ordering and enquiry forms make the process of interaction both convenient and time saving.

Within a few minutes, we will send you images and pictures of the product you want and even propose more models depending on the project you have in mind.

Our comprehensive catalogue will help you make a faster choice, especially with guidance from our highly trained technicians. As a company with international reach, we have invested heavily in personnel training to ensure services you receive are both professional and up-to-date.

Product Warranty for Quality Guarantee

By importing original high-quality machinery from the manufacturer, we are able to offer warranty and service backup. This is one of our core strengths because customers will not have to worry about expensive tractor parts and maintenance.

From our facility in Lenham in Kent, we offer backup services and help in customisation of the implements to fit your Foton tractor. Moreover, we can offer a personalised financing arrangement through our Foton Tractors finance broker.

As a comprehensive tractor and implement supplier, we offer a one-stop-shop where customers in need of landscaping, tilling, hedge cutting solutions and other compact tractor services are promptly served.

With over a decade in farm and landscaping machinery production in the UK, we pride ourselves in consistency in service, reliability and a wide range of machines to cater for every type of project.

If you are still stuck looking for the most functional compact tractors for sale in the UK, we are the best solution. Not only are you assured of reliable products, but our technicians go the extra mile to ensure your compact tractor is functioning optimally.

Compact Tractors For Sale

To enjoy a comprehensive tractor buying experience give us a call on 0333 2420844 or mobile 07825 381539. We will be glad to discuss your requirements and take you through our impeccable range of products.

Visit our new website at lovoltractors.co.uk

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