Foton Compact Tractor Range

Below is our range of Chinese compact diesel tractors. All models of Foton compact tractors for sale are available in 2 or 4 wheel drive.

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28 hp Model Foton compact tractor

Foton 25 Series Citrax Tractor

At home in gardens, paddocks and equestrian yards alike, the 25 series is compact, agile and versatile. Available both 2 and 4 wheel drive, the 25 series is the perfect size for the smallest of tasks, whilst having enough power to tackle any job that demands a durable, compact tractor.

Features and Specifications.

Prices start from £5,450


Foton 35 Series Citrax Tractor

Like its smaller brother the TE254R,  the TE354R 35hp compact tractor is the choice of small holders, landscapers, farmers, councils, caravan parks, equestrian centres and many other users. The Foton Citrax TE354R tractor has a stronger chassis and transmission for extra durability and reliability for a wide range of jobs. The new high quality 4 cylinder Tier lll engine brings more available power with lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Features and Specifications.

Prices start from £7,460

40 HP model Foton compact tractor

Foton 40 Series Citrax Tractor

Whether you are topping the paddock, ploughing the field or scraping out the cow shed the impressive power and smooth handling of the 40 series gives you all the benefits of a large tractor packed into a compact and maneuverable workhorse. Available In both 2 and 4 wheel drive and with a choice Agricultural of Turf tyres, the 40 series excels itself on the pristine surfaces attributed to ground care as well as making easy work of the harshest terrain. 40 series in action.

Features and Specifications.

Prices start from £8,125

Foton 50 Series Citrax Tractor

50 HP Model Foton compactor tractor


The Foton 504 is available as a full-cab model. Cab models are fitted with integral ROPS. In addition, a cab tractor features a heater, front and rear wipers, cab doors on both sides with locks,  rear view mirrors, FM radio and interior light. If you have a big job to do get it done with a Foton 504 tractor which offers the operator the size, power and flexibility you require at a price you can afford.

Features and Specifications.

Prices start from £10,500

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New: Vineyard & Narrow tractor FT504N added to the Foton range