Compact Tractor Attachments & Implements

Citrax/Foton compact tractor implements and attachments are compatible with most tractor manufacturers including Kubota, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Benye, Siromer, Jinma and  other popular makes.  Below is a selection of  equipment we have available including flail mowers, finishing mowers, ploughs, rotavators etc.

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Citrax Flail Mowers

Designed to Pulverize Grass, Ferns, Bramble & Gorse. Spreading the cut grass evenly over the full width for better mulching and finish.

(The mower consists of a rotating shaft with multiple hammer blades attached to it. The blades cut the grass while travelling over the working area).

Model EF-G125 EF-G145 EFG-175
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1340x700x520 1540x700x520 1740x700x520
Weight (kg) 260 290 330
Cutting width (mm) Cutting height (mm) RPM 1.25m / 025mm to 100mm / 540 145m / 025mm to 100mm / 540 1.75m / 025mm to 100mm / 540
Power required (HP) 16-25 20-40 25-65
Price: £990 £1,080 £1,490

Citrax Finishing Mowers

Finishing mowers are designed to cut a variety of grasses and other ground covers to leave a “lawn” finish. The finishing mower consists of three rotating shafts with three free-swinging steel blades attached to them + mulching decks.

Individual wheel suspension ensures an even cut whilst an “easy to reach” grease gang allows trouble free maintenance.

Model FM150 FM180
Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm) 1630x950x500 1950x1050x500
Weight (kg) 188 210
Cutting width (mm)Cutting height (mm)RPM 150025 to 125540 180025 to 125540
Power required (HP) 20-30 20-35
Price: £1,015 £1,105

Citrax Rotavators

This conventional style series of rotavators with heavy duty tines & adjustable depth control will till your soil perfectly. For the RT105, we recommend you use a 16-18HP Tractor, for the RT135 use 18-35HP, and for the RT150, use a 24-40HP tractor.

All units come supplied with a CE approved P.T.O. (w/slip clutch for RT135 & RT150).

All  products are covered by a 12 months parts warranty.

Model TL105 TL135 TL150
Price: £815 £918  N/A

Citrax Toppers

Twin Bladed Rotary Toppers.  Ideal for cutting paddocks & rough grass.

Model TM140 TM160
Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm) 1400 x 1400 x 900 1600 x 1600 x 900
Weight (kg) 160 220
Cutting width  (mm)Cutting height (mm)RPM 1.4m/ 050mm to 200mm/540rpm 1.6m/050mm to 200mm/540rpm
Power required (HP) 20-35hp 25-50hp
Price: £815 £918



Citrax Post Hole Borer (PH06, PH09)

Designed to take all the effort out of fencing! 3 point linkage mounted PTO driven post hole auger. Various size augers available to fit (6”, 9” and 12”), Supplied with a CE approved PTO shaft.

Price from £725

Citrax Log Splitters

Log splitters are available in 10 tonne model. These hydraulic log splitters, can be operated in a vertical position. This machine requires a constant feed with return hydraulic system.

Price: £595

Citrax Tipping Trailers (TT150)

This 7ft x 4.5ft, braked hydraulic tipping trailer has removable drop sides & floatation tyres. It is manufactured from hi-grade steel. The trailer has an easy to use and simple tractor operated hydraulic tipping mechanism. The units are now shipped with a screw jack jockey wheel. The trailers are finished in corrosion and abrasive resistant paint. An additional high side kit is also available.

Price: £1,475


Citrax Transport Boxes

4ft and 5ft tipping transport boxes. Designed to fit all compact tractors and manufactured from hi-grade steel, all our transport boxes are painted in corrosion & abrasive resistant paint to ensure a long life.

Price: £320

Citrax Back Hoes

Manufactured specially for Foton Compact Tractors, this back hoe is designed to complement tractors of up to 45hp. Its clean modern design incorporates state of the art manufacturing. The backhoe attachment includes a host of innovative features including:

  • Metal pipe work integral to the frame
  • Utilises tractor hydraulics
  • Hydraulic adjustable legs
  • Range of buckets
  • 3.8m reach
  • Full CE certification

The backhoe will fit both 28hp and 45hp Foton tractors turning them into a mini excavator capable of ditching, dredging, digging footings and many more smallholding tasks. It advisable to fit the tractor with 4 wheel drive and a front loader when considering a backhoe.

Price from £3,500

FT254 LOADER 011

Power Loader

The Foton power loaders FTZ254 and FTZ404 are made specifically for your Foton tractor. It is sub frame mounted and quick to detach from the tractor. It also boasts a quick attach front carriage to make implement changing quick and easy.

Self leveling is also standard to make safe operation easy. The loader is controlled by a joy stick unit which falls easily to your right hand for finger tip control. The addition of a loader turns your Foton tractor into a versatile work horse for any smallholding or equestrian yard.

Price from £3,500

Citrax Wood Chipper

WC8This is a 5″ PTO-driven wood chipper for use with most tractors. This machine complies with all required safety distances and recommended safety mechanisms. We have sold these to landscape gardeners, farmers, schools, equestrian centres.

Operation of the wood chipper is very straightforward. You just increase the speed of the engine until the chipper is running at 540 rpm, then place wood, branches etc into the feed hopper. A feed roller pulls the wood into the chipping blades, and the chips come out of the output chute. If you push against the safety bar, the feed roller immediately stops and stays static until actively re-enabled. It is also impossible to get yourself near the feed roller or chipping blades.

Price from £1,328

Citrax Chain Harrow / Medium Grass Harrow

chain-harrowManufactured from high quality, high carbon steel, heat treated at the optimum temperature, which ensures that the harrow is extremely strong with high resistance to wear. All harrow tines are manufactured from 13mm (½”) diameter steel by 64mm (2½”) long.

Drawbars and frames are designed to pull harrows at a slight angle to the direction of travel so that the ground is covered completely. The standard length for Trailed harrows is 2.32mts (7′ – 6″) and mounted harrows are 1.83mts (6′ – 0″).

Pasture renovation; by breaking up and levelling heavy soil.

Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth.

Works in fertiliser to both spread and maximise effectiveness.

Surface levelling in equestrian centres, race tracks and running tracks.

Stimulates growth by aerating and loosening thatch.

Seedbed preparation; harrowing worn areas prior to over seeding aerates the turf, brings up thatch and gently cultivates a seed bed.

Smoothes and dries paths and tracks

Self Cleaning

Price from £495

Citrax Trimmy / Trimmy Evo – Hedge / Verge Cutter

Compact tractor range of Hedge Cutter / Verge cutter for cutting hedges and bushes. Suited for 18/30 HP tractors.

Standard Equipment

Side arm flails mowers and hedge cutters specifically designed for compact tractors, with a choice of flail and finger bar cutting heads. Trimmy / Trimmy Evo for tractors of 18hp – 30hp . Reach up to 4.5m.- Cable or electric controls – Safety mechanical lock for transport on the road – Connection by 3 points – Mechanical security – Stabilisers – Kit fast connection to the tractor – Kit super rotation cutter-bar – Special top link connection for tractors with only one top link position –

Citrax Trimmy – uses oil from the tractor – minimum flow 30 litre p/m

Citrax Trimmy Evo – 40 litre integral oil tank

Price: POA

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