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Foton “Full of Eastern Promise”

If you were to travel 5000 miles to buy a small tractor you would probably expect to pick up a bargain. Now with the growing success of the Chinese Foton brand in the UK you can have a full specification new tractor delivered to your door for 35 to 40% of the price of standard tractor from the branded European and Japanese manufacturers. The Foton tractor has made a big impact in the UK and is now recognised as as a quality “work horse” at an affordable price. Many UK small holders find they have insufficient acreage and too narrow gate posts to justify the purchase of a large modern tractor. Hence an enthusiasm for vintage machinery some of which dates from the middle of the last century when smaller tractors were part of the British farming landscape. While these tractors are nice to look at and provoke memory’s of a bygone age the truth is that you would probably spend as much time repairing such a tractor as actually using it. The 21st century Foton will allow you to get on with the job day after day reliability.


Foton Tractors will not only sell you a tractor with a 2 year  warranty but will also maintain the tractor for optimum performance season after season. Tractors are not like “white goods” they need technical support and parts supply at sensible prices. Foton Tractors have factory trained technicians , parts advisers, specialist tools and mobile workshops which carry out on site servicing on all makes of Chinese tractors supplied anywhere in the UK at affordable prices. Give us a call and find out.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

IMG_20141024_110457Thank you to everybody for their continued custom and support over the past years. 2014   has been a record year for tractor sales with many improvements and the introduction of   new cabs for the smaller tractors and the new 4 cylinder 55hp range with deluxe cab which even includes heater and FM radio. Next year will see the introduction of a new range of loader for all models with better quality, more features and a better price, there will also  be new offerings in the implement range  during 2015.The fixed price servicing introduced in 2012  has proved very successful and is now being combined with an extended warranty programme to minimise the cost of owning a Foton Tractor.

In these days of shopping on the web social media is becoming the most efficient way of making your website visible. I resisted it for many years and have now succumbed, Foton tractors has a Youtube channel, Facebook page, twitter account, Google+ and a blog linked to the website for any of you who are curious the links are at the bottom of the page! The blog is the unconnected ramblings of small business owner who just happens to have been involved with agriculture all his working life. If anyone has  suggestions for articles or interesting anecdotes  they would be gratefully received as long as they are within my scope.I hope you all have a great Christmas and prosperous new year! and look forward to speaking to you all again in 2015.


Foton Lovol – China’s 76th Biggest Company

DSCF1386Here is some interesting information for those of you who wonder who Foton are. For Lovol read Foton Lovol as Foton is the export brand of the Lovol company. The figures are very impressive and demonstrate the financial stability and resource of the company

Lovol Press Release
On June 25, the World Brand Lab released 2014 rankings of Top-500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands in Beijing. Lovol, with a brand value of 26.498 billion RMB, ranked 76th. Lovol had an increase of 4.94 billion RMB over 2013 and the year on year growth rate is 22.9%. It’s understood that the World Brand Lab Has become one of three major generally-recognized brand valuation authorities (after hiring the best digital marketing services) at present in the world. Since 2004, the rankings of Top-500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands will be released once a year. The rank is relatively highly authoritative and has great reference significance on appraising the corporate brand value variation. In the national line up of Chinese brand based on analysis on corporate finance, consumer behaviour and brand strength, “Lovol” brand value has been showing leap-forward growth. Its brand value has grown nearly 4 times from 7.015 billion RMB in 2008 to 26.498 billion RMB in 2014 in five years. And also, “Lovol” has emerged as one of the domestic brands with fastest growth of brand value in recent years.

Foton Citrax FT254 Compact Tractor + Road Sweeper


Recently introduced by Foton Tractors is the 1.5m working width Sweeper from FTS, recommended for tractors with 28-50hp. Perfect for sweeping debris from roads, driveways and pavement.The sweeper also has an adjustable debris collector and height adjustable and removable rear wheels.
The SWF150 has several connections, standard euro hitch, fixed forklift connection and tractor 3 point linkage.
The Road Sweeper is constructed from a pressed steel shell which gives an excellent strength to weight ratio. It is a tractor mounted road sweeper machine driven from the tractor P.T.O. shaft and is available with small debris collector box. This sweeper is designed for use with almost any tractor which is fitted with hydraulic three point linkage and power take off and can be fitted or detached in minutes. If it’s broken, it can be easily repaired with the help of a Hydraulic Cylinder Repair service.

Brush sections are supplied in polypropylene and are easily replaceable. The castor wheels fitted to the rear enables the sweeper to follow road undulations. The road sweeper may be used to sweep straight ahead and collect debris to be dumped off site or into a trailer if fitted to a front loader or fork lift.
To see the video of the sweeper at work on our You Tube channel click here

Who are Foton?

Foton Lovol Heavy Industries is a modern large scale machinery and equipment production company. Its business covers construction machinery, agricultural equipment and vehicles. It has over 10,000 staff and 16 billion RMB of fixed assets [1.6 billion pounds sterling] and is rated 64th  among the 500 most valuable Chinese companies. The tractor factory in Weifang , Shandong province is 1 mile square, 640 acres of tractor and combine production! The combine harvester production holds the number one position in China with a 70% market share.

Chinese Tractors

Welcome to the Foton Compact Tractor blog.  Foton Compact Tractor have been importing  the FotonLovol tractor made in China for many years. Its a good reliable work horse as many of the hundreds of owners will testify! Chinese tractors are still viewed as a bit of an unknown in the UK market and I have read all sorts of comments on the net regarding their suitability and reliability. Many of the comments are third or fourth hand and have no basis in fact, so I thought it was time I joined the ranks of the bloggers and helped to put the record straight.