Foton “Full of Eastern Promise”

If you were to travel 5000 miles to buy a small tractor you would probably expect to pick up a bargain. Now with the growing success of the Chinese Foton brand in the UK you can have a full specification new tractor delivered to your door for 35 to 40% of the price of standard tractor from the branded European and Japanese manufacturers. The Foton tractor has made a big impact in the UK and is now recognised as as a quality “work horse” at an affordable price. Many UK small holders find they have insufficient acreage and too narrow gate posts to justify the purchase of a large modern tractor. Hence an enthusiasm for vintage machinery some of which dates from the middle of the last century when smaller tractors were part of the British farming landscape. While these tractors are nice to look at and provoke memory’s of a bygone age the truth is that you would probably spend as much time repairing such a tractor as actually using it. The 21st century Foton will allow you to get on with the job day after day reliability.


Foton Tractors will not only sell you a tractor with a 2 year  warranty but will also maintain the tractor for optimum performance season after season. Tractors are not like “white goods” they need technical support and parts supply at sensible prices. Foton Tractors have factory trained technicians , parts advisers, specialist tools and mobile workshops which carry out on site servicing on all makes of Chinese tractors supplied anywhere in the UK at affordable prices. Give us a call and find out.

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