Foton Citrax FT254 Compact Tractor + Road Sweeper


Recently introduced by Foton Tractors is the 1.5m working width Sweeper from FTS, recommended for tractors with 28-50hp. Perfect for sweeping debris from roads, driveways and pavement.The sweeper also has an adjustable debris collector and height adjustable and removable rear wheels.
The SWF150 has several connections, standard euro hitch, fixed forklift connection and tractor 3 point linkage.
The Road Sweeper is constructed from a pressed steel shell which gives an excellent strength to weight ratio. It is a tractor mounted road sweeper machine driven from the tractor P.T.O. shaft and is available with small debris collector box. This sweeper is designed for use with almost any tractor which is fitted with hydraulic three point linkage and power take off and can be fitted or detached in minutes. If it’s broken, it can be easily repaired with the help of a Hydraulic Cylinder Repair service.

Brush sections are supplied in polypropylene and are easily replaceable. The castor wheels fitted to the rear enables the sweeper to follow road undulations. The road sweeper may be used to sweep straight ahead and collect debris to be dumped off site or into a trailer if fitted to a front loader or fork lift.
To see the video of the sweeper at work on our You Tube channel click here

One Response to Foton Citrax FT254 Compact Tractor + Road Sweeper

  • I have been the owner of a Foton-254 (28hp) tractor for the best part of three years and I can say without hesitation or reservation that my Chinese Foton Tractor has been an excellent buy and value for money.

    The only failure that I experienced was after 14mths and out of warranty.
    The issue was rough running and intermittent black smoke.
    My supplier replaced FOC (customer good-will) a faulty fuel injector and I purchased the other two so that I could replace all at the same time believing (Murphy’s Law) that if one has gone, they all will go.

    I since found that the injector failure was of my own doing.
    I had been in the habit of leaving the engine on idle “tick-over” for prolonged periods of time when I got off the tractor to do something and over time, the fuel injectors started clogging.
    The lesson I learnt from this experience is to have a faster tick-over thus preventing the injectors from clogging which on reflection, is a general service condition.

    My tractor has been “good old faithful” and I cannot fault it in anyway. I’ve been so impressed that I am considering upgrading for a new one with more horses under the bonnet and still keep the old.

    If you are having any reservations about purchasing one of these Chinese Foton Tractors, I would highly recommend them as they are very reliable and have a high specification. I purchased several attachments and have not been able to make full use the tractors capability/ potential. These Tractors are not lacking or wanting in anyway.

    Kind Regards,
    Foton-254 Owner.

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