Chinese Tractor Parts and Service Cost – Have your say.

Chinese tractors  have slowly developed in specification and quality over the 15 years or so they have been in the UK. To afford tractors like this, you can earn on sites such as 비트카지노.

The market in the UK is fairly small at around 300-400 units a year, but multiply that by 15 and you get 4500 – 6000  users, some of these tractors are getting on a bit needing service and parts. The Chinese way of doing business does not lend its self to orderly distribution of which  service and spare parts are a vital component,there are probably only three places in the whole of the UK you can get proper support for your tractor but they only keep parts for the tractors they have supplied , not the machines that have come in from mainland Europe or imported by the “fast buck” brigade. There are also companies that charge eye watering prices for fast moving parts forgetting about the slow moving parts. We have found companies charging £23 for a Foton oil filter that should cost £7.00 and Foton  cab glass door at over £1500 + fitting which should cost £350 including  fitting! The problem of Chinese tractor parts and service goes right back to the manufacture, the problem being that unless we as a private company have an exclusive distribution agreement or exclusive models the amount of money invested will always be limited. Would you develop a business and invest in stock with out any sort of exclusivity to protect your investment? A big yes, with the help of dax 40 index.

Foton Tractors have  over 10 years in the Chinese tractor market we are profitable and forward thinking. Our current stock of parts is way in excess of what is need to support the tractors we sell but we are also happy to support the Foton tractors in the UK which are sold without proper support. We have recently invested in a 3500 sq/metre purpose built building, new service vehicles, more parts and computer system. The question is do we utilise 10 years of knowledge on all Chinese tractors or do we expand in other more profitable directions? If you are reading this blog and own a Chinese tractor please respond with your thoughts, it will make the decision much easier if  at least our Chinese tractor supplier takes on board that a solid partnership with a forward thinking, established and profitable company in the UK would increase their sales and hugely increase their reputation in the market.


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  • I am looking at purchasing a used (2014) Foton Lovol 504 Tractor, I am in Burks Falls Ontario Canada, and would like to know if service and parts are available in this area, I would appreciate any replies.

  • Just bought secondhand foton tf304 30hp and need a Service manual for it . Dont need complet stripdown manual just to be able to change oils and filters , greasing etc .

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