What are Foton Tractors like to deal with?

Foton FT25When I started this blog it was in response to some of the mis information available about Chinese built tractors. They are value for money which may have won on sites like w88, reliable work horses. Below is a posting on a French Forum where the question was asked “Foton does any one know about them are parts available”. There is then a line of posts over several years  with  opinions that make you wonder if the Chinese tractor industry has any future at all. The one thing that all these contributors have in common is that not one of them has ever owned a Foton tractor or dealt with Foton Tractors! Then on May 13th 2013 the comments below were posted. I have only just found them. So are Foton Tractors any good? I can confirm the author of the comments is a customer of Foton Tractors  and has been an absolute gentleman to deal with,  like most of our customers. A big thank you to Elie for your business and your kind words.

I bought my Foton tractor from that company, and they are VERY OK ! Honest people.

As for the tractor itself:
– This company was much cheaper than the official French importer, who charged around €4.000,00 more. A dealer, just a few miles from where I live, charged €2.500,00 more that the UK seller. The latter, I assume, where a dealership from the French Ardennes based dealer/importer, who also sells ‘other brands’ (Europard, Geo, Eurotrac = the same machine) and another brand. Now, I’ve visited this company, and decided never to buy from them.
– The tractor itself: you get a lot of tractor for your money. The few flaws where minor (assembling) and were easily repaired by me. I was compensated for that by the dealer.
– I had one flaw after the warranty was ended, but David, the Kent dealer send me a spare, free of charge. Look for such a service elsewhere… And they have the spare-parts.
– Disadvantages of this tractor: in wintertime and for small jobs, you won’t the engine at normal temperature because it has a permanently driven fan, attached to the water pump. This results in more consumption, more pollution and more wear over time. I solved that problem by removing the fan (= easy) and installing a 12V fan, bought on eBay UK for a few pounds (sold as tune-up for VW Golf). Fits good. Plus a thermocouple (85°C) of less than €1,00 from a Chinese eBay seller (shipping incl.). Besides that, I installed an emergency switch on the dashboard, in case the thermocouple wouldn’t function. But never had to use it. Now, with this upgrade: I have a tractor that is a marvel ! I don’t have an idea about the cooling of the other brand
– From the Foton Tractor Company (Kent), I received all the papers to register the machine in France. European papers. Because the French sell them also: no problem to register. I still need to do it myself, but be aware that you need to make it road legal: mirrors (cheap in the UK), warning light (revolving), numberplate light. You need to let it be inspected by an inspection station. No big deal. If you don’t need to go on the road: no need of course to register.
– The servicing (maintenance) I do myself. With lots of experience in car repair, I needed to adjust just a bit to be able to service this tractor.
In short: very satisfied about the machine and the seller.
Best wishes to all,

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