Choosing the right tractor for the right price

FT250-254There is a huge range of tractors available in the market nowadays, such as those John Deere tractors, so ensure that you clearly establish your requirements before making a decision of what you purchase and where  you purchase it. It is also worth considering to invest in a custom tractor machine.

Will you be using the tractor for mowing, cultivating, growing plants or perhaps landscaping jobs? A Foton compact tractor of 28 -40hp will carry out all these tasks. These tractors are smaller editions of the traditional farm tractor and are able to do a variety of jobs that range from mowing your lawn or paddock to a lot more heavy-duty landscaping jobs. With all the appropriate implements, the Foton tractor can do jobs like digging, hauling, mowing or perhaps ploughing, making it useful for a wide variety of applications.

Should you own a smallholding, equestrian yard, school, golf club, park or anything similar a Foton tractor can assist you mechanise the more complex jobs like tilling, ploughing, mowing and also sowing . Do you want your Foton tractor to perform a lot more jobs like loading and  excavating? Then perhaps consider a Foton tractor  that allows for implements like power loaders or perhaps back hoes to be easily installed.

Once all the above has been considered and you have decided on the size and specification of your tractor then consider how much you want to pay for it. There are the major brands for which you could pay up to 3 times as much as a “New World” built tractor from China or  Korea. Some of the offerings from the “major European  manufacturers” are from that region and come with a European price tag!  The main consideration has to be will it do the job, is it reliable and can I get back up if I need it. Since 2008 we have been in a serious financial down turn, budgets have been slashed but the Foton tractor business has increased year on year. The reason is that the larger buyers like County Councils still have the work but not the budget so they have been buying less expensive Foton tractors found them to be more than capable and purchased more. One customer now has a fleet of 22 Foton  FT254 & FT250 tractors because they are great value for money and get the job done.

And remember, once you have purchased your new tractor, it’s essential to prioritize the safety of your employees. Tractors can be dangerous machines, and accidents can happen if proper safety measures are not followed. Ensure that all employees who will be operating the tractor have received adequate training on its use and safety procedures and also make sure to improve safety with the correct gear. Most importantly, the use of lubricants such as Klubersynth in machineries and equipment will be greatly beneficial and you can be rewarded with longer living and better performing equipment and machines.

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