New Citrax Trimmy Hedge/Verge cutters for 2014

Hedge TrimmerThe Citrax Trimmy  is perfect for amenity and estate use and is favoured by small holders, farmers and private users as it can verge mow or hedge trim just as well as larger machines run by contractors. This makes it an affordable option for the smaller user who wants to cut  their own hedges and verges.

The compact Trimmy  hedge cutter / verge cutter  is suited for 18/30 HP tractors. These  side arm flail mowers and hedge cutters are specifically designed for compact tractors, with a choice of flail and finger bar cutting heads. Trimmy  / Trimmy Evo are for tractors of  18hp – 30hp . Reach up to 4.5m with cable or electric controls – Safety mechanical lock for transport on the road – Connection by 5 points giving mechanical security – Stabilizers – Fast connection to the tractor – Super rotation kit for the cutter-bar – Special top link connection for tractors with only one top link position. All these are standard features

Citrax  Trimmy – uses oil from the tractor – minimum flow  30 litre p/m

Citrax Trimmy Evo – 40 litre integral oil tank

Prices start from £3500

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