Interesting Addition!

504 blackHere is an interesting addition to range a “Funeral Directors Special” recently delivered to Robert Adams in Northern Ireland. Roberts slogan is “your last mile in stile” and he has the choice of a stunning Triumph tricycle or a Foton 250 tractor to pull his bespoke hearse. The tractor finish is 2 pack jet black exactly the same as Triumph and was prepared by Foton Compact Tractor.

Who are Foton?

Foton Lovol Heavy Industries is a modern large scale machinery and equipment production company. Its business covers construction machinery, agricultural equipment and vehicles. It has over 10,000 staff and 16 billion RMB of fixed assets [1.6 billion pounds sterling] and is rated 64th  among the 500 most valuable Chinese companies. The tractor factory in Weifang , Shandong province is 1 mile square, 640 acres of tractor and combine production! The combine harvester production holds the number one position in China with a 70% market share.

Chinese Tractors

Welcome to the Foton Compact Tractor blog.  Foton Compact Tractor have been importing  the FotonLovol tractor made in China for many years. Its a good reliable work horse as many of the hundreds of owners will testify! Chinese tractors are still viewed as a bit of an unknown in the UK market and I have read all sorts of comments on the net regarding their suitability and reliability. Many of the comments are third or fourth hand and have no basis in fact, so I thought it was time I joined the ranks of the bloggers and helped to put the record straight.